A Guide to Pet CBD – Everything You Need to Know

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Today, a growing interest has pivoted toward the application of CBD pets and how the world of CBD products might be useful in assisting dogs, cats, and other animals with things like anxiety, inflammation, and pain management. This article will review the benefits of pet CBD from a scientific standpoint, the different types of CBD products for pets, the safety of CBD for pets, and how to find the correct dosage if you are considering administering CBD for your furry friends.

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CBD and the endocannabinoid system

Many people familiar with CBD products understand that the human body has an endocannabinoid system in it, and the endocannabinoids found in plants like CBD can interact with, bind to, and help regulate different biomechanical processes throughout the body because of this endocannabinoid system.

All mammals have the same system, including dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. In your pet, the endocannabinoid system has three main parts, which include different receptors to which CBD binds.

CBD interacts with different enzymes in pets, and that helps to reduce how quickly certain endocannabinoids break down. The longer the endocannabinoids remain in your pet’s system, the longer they can enjoy the benefits. 

That said, CBD products designed for pets are slightly different than those designed for humans. For starters, the products have different dosages and different combinations to work with the needs of pets rather than humans. For example, a pet struggling with anxiety is going to need a much smaller dosage compared to an adult who is trying to manage an anxiety disorder.

CBD and human CBD products also differ in terms of the additives; Pet CBD tends to include things like fish oils, which not only improve their overall health but make the CBD product of flavor to which pets are more receptive. It’s unlikely that humans, though the products might be safe, would enjoy those flavors as much.

In general, CBD pet products are designed for dogs and cats, although they can be used on smaller animals like birds. It is best to check with your veterinarian before you start using any CBD product for your pet.

Benefits of pet CBD

Scientific evidence confirms that pet CBD products have a variety of benefits for all manner of pets from reducing stress to managing inflammation, supporting digestive health, improving joint mobility, and reducing seizures.

Relief from anxiety and stress

Researchers examining the effects of CBD on anxiety and stress in dogs reviewed the efficacy of a CBD tincture over the course of 45 days. Following treatment, dogs in animal shelters had reduced aggressive behaviors toward people and dropped other animal behaviors indicative of stress. Their research confirmed that CBD products for dogs, in particular, could be useful in improving the overall levels of stress and anxiety for dogs who are being held in dog shelters, but the same can be said of dogs who are at home.

Studies have found that CBD offers calming properties for dogs who have several types of anxiety or aggressive behaviors. It can be used when treating separation anxiety, such as when a family goes away for a vacation, travel anxiety, such as when a dog has to travel somewhere, and the stress and anxiety that comes from acute triggers like fireworks.

Pain management and anti-inflammatory effects

Research has found that CBD not only provides significant pain relief for adults but for pets as well. One finding found statistically significant improvements from whole blood panels to review inflammation and immunomodulating properties in dogs. They concluded that after using CBD products, dogs exhibited reduced canine inflammatory responses and that CBD pet products could provide long-term therapeutic roles for veterinary treatment.

Tangentially, research has confirmed that pet CBD can help regulate immune responses, particularly as they relate to allergies. Overwhelming data has found that CBD can directly suppress the activation of different immune cell types, which can control the immune response and inflammation associated with immune response deficiencies as well as allergies in pets. 

Improvement in joint health and mobility

Works have revealed that CBD pet products can successfully treat degenerative joint diseases and improve overall joint health and mobility in pets. This is particularly good news for owners of purebred dogs with a genetic predisposition for joint problems, like golden retrievers. 

Support for digestive health

Certain breeds, like German Shepherds, are prone to digestive enzyme deficiencies, and this can cause an inability to absorb certain nutrients as well as poor digestion. However, CBD for pets has provided a healthy alternative to repairing these issues and supporting better digestive health in pets like German Shepherds.

Potential for seizure control

Clinical trials have found that dogs who have epilepsy and are resistant to epilepsy drugs show a higher response rate to CBD pet products. Randomized controlled trials have found that the use of CBD products can produce canine epileptic seizures. Additional research is needed to confirm the efficacy of CBD products for epilepsy in other animals, but for now, pet owners who have purebred dogs with a high risk of epilepsy have an alternative treatment they can consider. 


Different types of CBD products for pets

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are oils that have been infused with other products like salmon oil or CBD oil. These infusions can use several products as the base that holds everything together, but regardless, they are small, potent drops that can be administered under the tongue or mixed into food and drink. 

One pet CBD tincture from the GreenRevoltion, Bella, and Max, is a combination of CBD and CBG with salmon oil to help improve the health of your pets’ coats, relieve pain, and soothe stress. Bottles come with 150mg of CBD and 5mg of CBG, both of which were grown in U.S. hemp farms. The powerful mixture of salmon oil infused in the tincture supports heart health and helps your animals improve the health of their skin and coat. Synergistically, the other compounds ensure a happier, healthier pet mentally and physically.

The products are full-spectrum and lab-tested for herbicides and pesticides. This CBD product for pets is designed to help your dogs, cats, or feathered friends safely deal with their emotional or physical discomfort. It can:

  • Promote calm during stressful situations
  • Manage pain, and 
  • Reduce anxiety

CBD Treats and Chews

CBD treats and chews are regular pet treats or chews that are infused with CBD. These are usually administered orally, things that your pet would snack on.

CBD Capsules and Pills

Capsules and pills function the same as any other capsule or pill in that you have to find a safe and effective way to administer them to your pet. Capsules and pills might be best for short-term, acute needs. 

CBD Topicals

Topicals are things that you can apply topically to your pet, and these generally include creams or lotions.

CBD-infused Pet Food

CBD-infused pet food can be an easier way to ensure your pet gets the right dose without much fuss. With these, you don’t have to take measurements other than the precise amount of food you provide, and it can be mixed into higher quantities of regular food to supplement their diet. 

Factors to consider when choosing pet CBD products

Quality and purity of CBD

CBD is a popular primary ingredient for pet products because of its ability to:

  • Provide natural pain relief for pets
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help manage stress-related behaviors
  • Improve overall well-being of pets

However, it is often combined with other cannabinoids that offer secondary benefits. A popular combination is CBG, which:

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces discomfort
  • Improves health maintenance in pets

The Entourage Effect

With CBD for pets, capsules, chews, infused foods, and other products are likely to contain more than one cannabinoid. This is because of The Entourage Effect. Together, many cannabinoids leverage their individual effects for boosted efficacy. Pet CBD products are no different; they can capitalize on the improved success of many cannabinoids that are combined to ensure optimum relief or relaxation. 


Many CBD products for pets may also contain other beneficial additives like salmon oil. This is not only there for taste but also to help supplement heart function and healthy coats. These additives may offer anti-inflammatory properties or neurodegenerative properties. Pay attention to the additives (if there are any) and consider how they might impact the needs of your pet. 

Dosage guidelines and administration methods

It is important that you understand what the dosage guidelines are for the product you are using and the different administration methods.

Note: When you look at CBD products for pets, you might read statements that have a percentage or milligrams. 

A percentage is the percentage of CBD found in the entire bottle, but the milligrams are the number of milligrams per bottle. 

For example:

One bottle might say “300 mg cannabinoids per bottle” or “10% strength.” 

Highly reputable facilities will provide clear-cut dosage guidelines that tell you not only the total strength per bottle of all cannabinoids used but also supplemental instructions based on the CBD pet products you choose. For example, if you have a tincture, the bottom might tell you the total strength and also indicate the strength per drop, which makes it easier to do math when it comes time to administer.  

The way in which products are administered should be easy. As any pet owner knows, getting pets to take medicine is not always a treat, but many products use things like dropper bottles that can be mixed with food or water or have infusions where the CBD is already mixed in the food for you. 

Third-party lab testing and certification

Look for CBD pet products that are non-GMO and pesticide-free. While The Entourage Effect means increased efficiency, filler products and harmful additives do not. 

Third-party testing is important, too. All products you use on your pets should be subject to tests for safety and purity so you can rest assured what you are giving is ideal. 

Reputation of the brand and customer reviews

Look for a company with a good reputation, a solid brand, and plenty of customer reviews not only on their website but on third-party websites.

Specific needs and health conditions of the pet

Always review the special needs and health conditions of your pet. Pick a product that specifically targets those needs.

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Determining the correct CBD dosage for different pets

Determining the right dose of CBD for pets is important because consistent and correct dosing enables your pet to achieve the best benefits. If you provide doses that are too low, they might not get the support they need. If you give doses that are too high, you might be overspending without offering any additional benefit to your furry friends. 

The general recommendation is 2 mg for every 10 pounds your animal weighs. 

Remember: The bottle or bag or packaging in which your pet CBD product comes should have statements that tell you the total number of CBD milligrams contained therein, and you can do some basic math to determine how much exists in a serving size and what a serving size is based on the product type. Once you have that information, you can administer the right dose for your pet based on how much it weighs.

The table below provides a quick reference for determining the correct CBD dosage based on weight:


10 pound Tabby cat 2 mg
16 pound Maine Coon cat 3 mg
38 pounds Australian Shepherd dog 7.5 mg
62 pound Labrador Retriever dog 12 mg
2 pounds Parrot bird 0.4 mg


If you are integrating CBD pet products into your pet’s regular routine or even using it to deal with supplemental issues like recovery after surgery or the anxiety brought about by the 4th of July fireworks, you should be consistent with how much you use. Always start with a small dose and do so for several weeks to monitor for any side effects or reactions. Once you have confirmed there are no side effects and the efficacy is what you want, you can provide a consistent dose until such time as they need a slight increase. 

Summing Up

If you are considering CBD pet products, it is important that you use them responsibly. Make sure you are using the right dosage and you are taking steps to guarantee the health and safety of the products you provide for your pets. 

Consult with veterinarians before using any holistic treatment for dogs, cats, or other pets. Take the time you need to read more and educate yourself on pet CBD so that you can give your pets the relief they need in a safe and effective manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CBD can be beneficial for pets, offering health benefits similar to those of humans. It’s known to help with anxiety, pain relief, and inflammation, among other conditions. However, it’s essential to use products specifically designed for pets and to consult with a veterinarian before starting any new supplement.

The effects of CBD in pets can vary depending on several factors, including the pet’s size, the dosage given, and the condition being treated. Generally, the effects can last between 4 to 8 hours. Consistent daily use is often recommended to see sustained benefits.

While the CBD compound itself is the same, products formulated for pets and humans differ in concentration and flavors. Pet CBD products are specially designed to be safe and appealing for animals, with dosages adjusted for their smaller sizes. Always use products specifically labeled for pets to ensure their safety and efficacy.

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