CBD product family

Experience Your Best Life with CBD

CBD product family
Experience Your Best Life with CBD

CBD is not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

At Green Revolution, we’ve worked with customers from all walks of life. People come to us looking for natural, reliable solutions to their own unique challenges and wellness goals for mind and body.

A single individual is likely to have multiple wellness goals that can be addressed through CBD.

In order to help our users reach their goals and live better, more positive lives, we’ve developed six bespoke CBD-based formulas called Experiences.

The six core experiences are: Active, Relax, Dream, Recovery, Social and Focus.

Each Green Revolution CBD Product has been crafted with one of six purpose-driven formulas that create the optimal experience and provide the results you need.

These carefully curated cannabinoid ratios, terpene blends and natural ingredients allow us to support each individual’s wellness goals through a variety of consumption methods, form factors and time of day applications.

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Our Active experience is here to support your busy lifestyle. Hit the gym, take a hike or knock out your to-do list with this energizing line of products.

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After years of working with customers to support their needs and goals, we’ve pinpointed six key ways that CBD can address your wellness problems. From pain, soreness and discomfort to mental alertness and mood support, customers are turning to CBD for solutions to their wellness goals.

Green Revolution believes the power of the hemp plant can be used to enrich and elevate all aspects of someone’s life. By combining the powers of CBD, minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBG, terpenes and other natural remedies, we pioneered 6 unique formulas with calibrated effects to support you, your body and your soul.

The hemp plant is so much more than just CBD. There are dozens of different cannabinoids- each with their own set of beneficial properties and effects – that make up the spectrum of the plant. By using a full spectrum approach and tapping into minor cannabinoids and terpenes and harnessing their effects, we’re able to steer the experience to the exact results a customer is looking for.

Each cannabinoid and terpene we use has a host of unique properties that impact
health and wellness. But when you combine them together, the benefits are multiplied as a result of the synergy between the hemp plant’s active compounds, resulting in what has come to be known as the Entourage Effect.

Every person naturally possesses an Endocannabinoid System – a series of body and brain receptors that are perfectly designed to bind with cannabinoids that are introduced into the body. Unlike traditional prescription medicine that introduces artificial chemicals into the body with a host of unpleasant side effects, CBD and other Cannabinoids are a natural fit for the way our bodies are made and can deliver a host of benefits without harmful side effects.

Our approach is to create the optimal balance of cannabinoids and terpenes for each application.

And it’s not just cannabinoids. The hemp plant is also host to a variety of aromatic terpenes that add nuances to the effects of the strain in question. Our terpene profiles have been curated from naturally occurring terpenes to support the effects of our CBD Experiences. Terpenes like linalool allow our Dream purpose to lull you into a restful sleep while pinene uplifts your mood in our Social purpose.

We’re committed to natural, clean solutions to all of our wellness goals. Each of our CBD Experiences is also fueled by natural ingredients to supplement your lifestyle. Support your wellbeing and immune system with Vitamin C found in our Social experience or get energized from the Green Tea Extract in our Recovery experience.

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