Kosher CBD vs. Regular CBD: Is There a Difference in Quality?

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Kosher CBD vs. Regular CBD: Is There a Difference in Quality?

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This article will review whether there are differences in quality between kosher CBD and regular CBD products so you can make informed choices when selecting CBD for your health and wellness needs.


As more and more people are turning to CBD products, there is an increase in demand for kosher CBD. And it’s not just the Jewish community that is interested in kosher certification on CBD products. Other consumers are increasingly curious about the quality and whether there’s a difference between a regular CBD product and a CBD kosher-certified product.

What does Kosher mean?

Kosher refers to a set of laws that determine how Jewish food is to be prepared. These laws stem from interpretations of the Torah, and some of them are interpreted in slightly different manners depending on the subsect, like not mixing milk and meat in a warm concoction versus not mixing milk and meat at all.

But CBD doesn’t contain milk or meat, so how do kosher standards apply when animal products are not a part of the picture?

  • Any fruits and vegetables have to be washed beforehand to remove insects.
  • All dairy products have to come from a kosher animal, and any product or equipment used in the production of that dairy product has to conform to kosher laws.
  • Fish are considered kosher if they have fins or scales, which means no lobster, crabs, or shrimp.
  • Nuts and seeds are considered kosher, but when processed, they have to be certified, which applies to hemp seeds and hemp products.

One of the biggest requirements for certification is that during the production where oils are removed from nuts or seeds, there can be no cross-contamination with the equipment due to dairy or meat products.

What makes high-quality CBD products?

High-quality CBD products can be:

  • Full spectrum CBD which means they contain small amounts of THC as well as other can have cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Broad-spectrum CBD which contains all of the chemicals from the plant except for the THC
  • CBD isolates, which have no cannabinoids or terpenes

Each of these has a different use, and some of them may or may not have the attributes that give you a high. Product quality also varies depending on the sourcing and extraction methods used.

The most reliable way to know that you are using high-quality products is to buy from a company that uses third-party testing and transparency. One of the top certifications for this is a kosher certification.

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Kosher CBD and regular CBD

Kosher CBD is any type of CBD product that has a kosher certificate.

All of the ingredients and equipment that are used during the manufacturing process have to have a kosher certification.

After the ingredients and equipment are certified, facilities still receive regular visits from third-party authority figures to ensure that kosher standards are being maintained during the production process.

Nearly half of the packaged food items across the United States have similar kosher certifications.

Kosher products use full spectrum CBD that gets incorporated into regular CBD items like:

Regular CBT gets incorporated into the same types of products with varying percentages based on the product. However, the companies may or may not provide any type of proof or certification to ensure that certain standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.


– In-depth comparison:

While CBD kosher certification is a recognized authority for Jewish communities, kosher CBD products are considered superior and safe by many consumers. In fact, many manufacturers rely on kosher certification as a form of quality control for their ingredients, making sure that the hemp extracts have confirmation of their high-quality process, without any contaminants and reliable percentages of things like THC or other cannabidiols.

The efficacy of kosher CBD products may be higher because you can prove that companies adhere to certain standards and certifications. For example:

  • Isolates and distillates can be easily incorporated into manufactured CBD products that have no plant matter in them and, therefore, won’t crystallize over time.
  • You can also guarantee that the CBD products don’t have any heavy metals or pesticides in them through lab testing.

With CBD, kosher products don’t have the following:

  1. Low concentration oils
  2. Improperly sourced hemp
  3. Filler ingredients
  4. Heavy metals or other carcinogens

Instead, you know that companies are providing pure, high-quality, intentional ingredients.

With traditional CBD manufacturing, you may or may not have kosher certifications or similar third-party certifications to ensure superior and safe production and quality. However, there are plenty of third-party companies available to review the efficiency and quality of the products provided by non-kosher manufacturers, but it’s up to you to know who they are and to do research before buying your products.


– Ethical considerations

Kosher products use slow-grown hemp, which gets harvested during its peak bloom only from legal and valid sources. This is a big part of the certification process. As such, you know that the ingredients come from ethical sources.
Moreover, this often contributes to sustainability efforts as companies work to keep the sources on which they rely in operation.
Regular CBD products and manufacturers can, of course, utilize similar sustainable and ethical methods to ensure the environmental impact is minimal. There are plenty of companies that use third-party certifications to confirm this, which can act as an alternative to a kosher certification. However, you may have to do more research to determine if they have guarantees as a company for sustainable harvesting.


– CBD price comparison

A traditional box of CBD-infused mints in a spearmint or peppermint flavor, with 60 mints, might cost an average of $30.
By comparison, a tin of 60 kosher-certified mint candies might cost $33.
In general, the price difference is negligible between the two, and it comes down to whether you are willing to pay a bit more for guaranteed higher quality.

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Summing Up

The biggest difference between standard CBD products and kosher CBD products comes down to the certification and the peace of mind that is afforded by that certification. If you can’t guarantee that a regular CBD company is using sustainable harvesting methods or high-quality ingredients without any fillers, then there can be a big difference in quality, but it comes down to doing your homework.

As a consumer, it’s up to you to make informed choices when selecting CBD products and deciding what things are most important to you when it comes to environmental impact, sustainability, price, quality, third-party reviews, and ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the active ingredient, CBD, remains consistent, the other ingredients used alongside it in kosher CBD products must also adhere to kosher dietary laws. This might involve using different carriers, flavors, or supplementary ingredients that have all been verified as kosher.

Absolutely! Kosher CBD can be used by anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs. Some people choose kosher CBD due to the stringent production and quality checks it undergoes as part of the kosher certification process, providing an additional layer of assurance regarding the product’s purity and quality.

Kosher CBD can sometimes be more expensive than its non-kosher counterparts due to the additional oversight, certification, and often, specialized ingredients required during production. However, price can also be influenced by other factors such as brand, potency, and product type.

The religious certification of being kosher does not inherently change the properties of the CBD itself. Therefore, kosher CBD and regular CBD should essentially provide the same effects if they are of the same potency and quality.

Yes, kosher CBD is available in various forms similar to regular CBD products, including but not limited to tinctures, gummies, capsules, and topicals, provided that all ingredients and the production process comply with kosher dietary laws.

The primary benefit of kosher CBD is its adherence to strict dietary standards, which may be important for individuals who follow a kosher diet for religious or personal reasons. In terms of CBD quality, both kosher and regular CBD can be equally effective, depending on their production and sourcing.

When choosing between kosher and regular CBD, consider your dietary preferences, beliefs, and any specific quality factors that matter to you. Compare product quality, source of CBD, extraction methods, and pricing to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs.

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