The Effectiveness of CBD for Dog Aggression

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The Effectiveness of CBD for Dog Aggression

cbd for dog aggression

CBD or cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant, just like marijuana, but it is not psychoactive. Through medical studies and regular testing, people are beginning to recognize CBD as a useful medicine for anxiety, depression, pain, and other ailments in humans. Naturally, people are beginning to test the compound as a treatment for ailments in dogs as well. It’s still a new form of treatment for dogs, but many pet owners are impressed with their experiences using CBD as a medication for dogs. One of the most common struggles dog owners face today is issues with aggression, which is why owners are trying to use CBD to reduce aggression in dogs. We’ll dig into the effectiveness of CBD for dog aggression, and if you should be using this plant oil to treat your own dogs.

The Common Triggers for Aggression in Dogs

According to the American Kennel Club, most dogs that exhibit aggressive actions are overreactive to specific situations. Some become fearful when they are around certain types of people, objects, or situations. While others guard resources such as beds, food, treats, and other items of value. Whether your dog is scared or protecting its resources these are the two most common reasons it’s behaving aggressively.

Traditional Treatment Options for Dog Aggression

If your dog behaves aggressively at times, it’s often possible to reduce the levels of aggression through long-term behavioral training. By carefully exposing your dog to its triggers and providing treats or other positive reinforcement it’s possible to reduce negative reactions and aggressive tendencies. Through long-term training plans with a skilled dog trainer, many dog owners achieve a positive reduction in aggression.

Why Dog Owners are Turning to CBD for Dog Aggression

No substance can serve as an instant cure for dog aggression, and we always recommend dog owners work with a behavioral expert to manage aggression, but dog owners are turning to CBD as a supplement to reduce aggression. While results are still new, and there aren’t careful scientific studies you can rely on to verify CBD use in dogs for aggression, some owners are experiencing promising results.

Does CBD Help Aggressive Dogs?

While it’s impossible to say for sure, many dog owners have stories about how CBD helped to calm their dogs and make them less prone to overreact to stimuli that would have caused serious problems before. Human users report feeling calm and experiencing less serious symptoms of anxiety after consuming a dose of CBD oil. It’s impossible to say for sure that CBD oil will do the same thing for your dogs, but it seems possible that CBD could behave the same way in dogs as it does in humans.


cbd for dog aggression

Only Anecdotal Evidence is Available

Other than a single scientific study performed by Colorado State University looking at the effects of CBD on epileptic dogs, no other official studies have been performed verifying the impact of CBD on dog health, anxiety, pain management, or other potential benefits. The study determined that CBD oil may be helpful for dogs suffering from epilepsy, so it’s reasonable to assume CBD can help treat dogs for other conditions as well. CBD isn’t being actively tested on dogs, but a lack of evidence doesn’t mean the substance cannot treat ailments in dogs, it only means we don’t have scientifically verified proof.

Dog owners, trainers, and even some veterinarians have had experiences where CBD for aggressive dogs proved to be a useful supplement. Few people will tell you that CBD oil or CBD treats cure aggressive dogs, but when given at the right doses some dog owners report their dogs being calmer and less aggressive. Giving your dog CBD to calm its nerves can aid in behavioral training results and may serve as a useful lifestyle supplement for a temperamental dog.

Effectively Giving CBD For Dogs with Aggression

If you decide to experiment with CBD for your dog to see if it helps with aggression, you’ll have different oils and treats to choose from. Some owners prefer the oil, while others swear by the treats, but both options are effective and the one you select is a personal preference more than anything.

  • Choosing Between Oils and Treats

When researching CBD for pets you’re likely seeing oils and treats. Each of these options works just as effectively, but they offer different benefits. CBD oil can be administered to a more precise dose than treats can because you can add oil one drop at a time. CBD treats are less precise but easier to give to dogs quickly. If you enjoy the convenience of ready-made treats you can hand out CBD treats may be the preferred option for you.

  • How Much CBD Should You Give Your Dog?

There is mixed information about what the optimal dose of CBD is for a dog, but many experts believe the optimal starting dose is 2mg of CBD per 10 lbs of body weight. Dose your dog based on that basic formula and don’t be afraid to up the dose slightly if you don’t see significant results. CBD is a natural substance and there is no known lethal dose of CBD for dogs currently. It’s still best to start low and increase your dog’s dose slowly to avoid any major side effects such as dry mouth, upset stomach, vomiting, and cramps.

Once you give your dog CBD, you should be able to tell whether it worked or not within 45 to 60 minutes. The supplement will affect your dog for between four and eight hours before wearing off.

cbd for pets

Conclusion: CBD Could be a Useful Tool for Owners with Aggressive Dogs

While it’s not yet proven by science, dog owners are experiencing encouraging results when giving CBD for dog aggression. Dogs calm down when on CBD drops or treats, making them easier to bring in public and to train. Only a few CBD studies have been performed on dogs, but we look forward to future studies and CBD could be a useful tool that’s eventually prescribed to every pet owner with an anxious or aggressive dog.


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