Are CBN Products The Ultimate Solution for Insomnia? Discovering CBN for Sleep

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Are CBN Products The Ultimate Solution for Insomnia? Discovering CBN for Sleep

This article will delve into the potential of CBN products as a remedy for insomnia, examining their effectiveness and considering their role in promoting better sleep.

Sleep problems and CBN products

Sleeping problems, like insomnia, impact over two-thirds of Americans. Unfortunately, traditional medication prescribed for things like insomnia doesn’t necessarily fix the problem. There are several levels of sleep necessary for good daily function and improved memory, and certain medications are only designed to do things like help you fall asleep faster or help you stay asleep longer, but not in a deep REM sleep.

For that reason, many people are turning to alternative wellness solutions that can help naturally improve sleep. New products that could serve as a remedy for insomnia are always in short supply. However, new CBN sleep products are providing an alternative solution to medication.

CBN vs. CBD vs. THC

There are over 140 cannabinoids that can provide therapeutic benefits. Some of the most common cannabinoids have attracted more research than others, particularly in how they can help with sleep.

CBN is a cannabinol found in the sativa marijuana plant. It is not as well known as CBD or THC, but it can be found in many forms:

  1. Tinctures
  2. Gummies
  3. Capsules
  4. Mixed sleep aids with things like melatonin

CBN and CBD are cannabinoids from the cannabis plant which impact the endocannabinoid system. This system plays an essential role in regulating your immune system, pain management, and appetite. THC is what gives you the high.

CBD might be the more popular of the two; however, CBN was the first one isolated from the plant in research settings. Some research has found that CBD is beneficial for sleep but not psychoactive, whereas CBN is. The FDA has approved certain CBD products but not yet approved CBN. This means it’s up to consumers to work with reputable companies that utilize transparent quality control, ingredients, third-party testing, and reviews for their products.

CBN products for sleep

Research has focused on the short-term and long-term effects and found that there’s a potential benefit not just for inducing sleep but also for:

  • Helping with pain
  • Boosting mood
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving immune health

And, of course, when you can sleep, your body can naturally boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, and manage your appetite and pain sensations.

cbn products

How it works

First, let’s look at insomnia. Insomnia can be several things:

  • Problems falling asleep, not feeling any drowsiness
  • Issues staying asleep throughout the night, waking up regularly

CBN products for insomnia work by inducing drowsiness. This means people who struggle to fall asleep are more likely to feel sleepy when they take the best CBN products for sleep, fall asleep faster, and stay that way. This means CBN sleep products can tackle both issues, unlike prescription medication, which typically only tackles one.

Many of these products are convenient for consumers because they’re available in forms like tinctures, capsules, or edibles. The convenience of these products and their potential to complement your sleep routine makes it easy to keep them at your bedside and integrate them into your schedule.

Pain Reliever

CBN works as a natural sedative and pain reliever. So not only does it help people relax right before sleep, feel drowsy, and stay asleep longer, but it can be particularly useful for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain patients often wake up during the middle of the night because their pain is so severe, but any products that can manage that pain will make it easier to stay asleep and get a whole night of rest.

There is currently mixed evidence, though some evidence supports that CBN products can be helpful in helping with insomnia.

Potential risks

There is little research on the risks associated with these products, which is why it’s essential to speak with your doctor beforehand so that you’re aware of any contraindications that might arise. However, some risks can include dizziness and dry mouth.

Tips for choosing the best CBN products for sleep

With that in mind, it’s still vital for you to find high-quality products that are tailored specifically for sleep problems. There are several things you can consider when reviewing CBN products. 

Consult your healthcare provider

Even the best CBN products for sleep come with some risks and should be considered a medication. It’s up to you to consult with your healthcare provider about any herbal remedies, including CBN products that you are taking.

It can be imperative to consult with your healthcare provider because of how difficult it is to find proper dosing when using products like gummies.

Reputable Company

When you talk to your doctor, they can confirm that you are working with a reputable company, set you up with a safe dosage, and make sure that whatever iteration you are taking won’t have contraindications with other medication you are on.

This can also help them monitor the progress you are making and reduce other medications you might be using to achieve similar results.

doctor consultation

Product potency

You want to look into the potency of the mixture. Reputable companies will actively display all of the ingredients on the packaging, and that might include other cannabinoids like THC or other sleep aids that your body naturally produces, like melatonin.
Be aware of what dosage you plan to take and what the potency is in relation to that dose.


Similarly, you want to be aware of the formula that goes into each product. Good companies will provide transparency not just on the quality control of their sleep products but also on the formula they use. This will give you information as to whether tinctures, for example, use a base delivery system that you don’t like or to which you are allergic.

It can also help you determine whether there are other products in the sleep mixture that can enhance different aspects of sleeping problems, like melatonin, to help you stay asleep longer.


Transparent companies will provide information on their sourcing. This can help you make sure your products are all coming from reputable sources with high-quality ingredients rather than filler products.

Summing Up

There are several potential benefits to using CBN products, and with a growing interest in this natural remedy, further research is likely to be published on the matter, helping to inform consumers everywhere. It’s up to you to research, seek professional advice, and make informed decisions about incorporating CBN into your sleep routine.

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