CBD for ADHD: Exploring the Potential and Benefits

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CBD for ADHD: Exploring the Potential and Benefits

cbd for adhd

According to 2011 ADHD studies by the National Institute of Mental Health ADHD is one of the most common illnesses affecting children, impacting approximately 11 percent of children. ADHD stands for attention deficit and hyperactive disorder, and it’s a disruptive condition that makes it difficult for children and adults to focus, wait patiently, and sit still.

Many people who suffer from the disorder fidget, make loud noises, lose objects, suffer from organizational issues, and struggle to remain quiet. Some people struggle to pay attention only, while others also experience hyperactive symptoms, like being loud and moving constantly. ADHD also causes people to be impulsive, and can even lead to dangerous behaviors. Doctors have been trying to figure out the best methods for treating ADHD for decades, and many experts are beginning to try CBD or cannabidiol, a compound in hemp that can help with restlessness, anxiety, and some other ADHD symptoms.

How Are CBD and ADHD Connected?

There is little connection between CBD and ADHD and not much scientific research currently supports taking CBD to treat ADHD. With that said, there is anecdotal evidence from some individuals with ADHD saying they saw improvements after taking CBD. Most of the evidence was in support of treating hyperactivity-related symptoms rather than attention-related problems.

  • Can CBD Help ADHD Symptoms?

There isn’t a huge amount of research showing a connection between ADHD symptoms and CBD, but there are a few studies that suggest using CBD could help. For those suffering from serious anxiety, CBD may prove beneficial to care for the issue and get it resolved. Along with helping reduce anxiety, CBD can help reduce inflammation, regulate the immune system, and reduce psychotic feelings. Between all these different benefits there is a strong reason to invest in CBD oil for yourself, especially if you want to reduce your anxiety.

cbd for adhd

Benefits of CBD for ADHD

While there are many different benefits available to anyone that consumes CBD regularly, only a few key benefits provided by CBD apply to ADHD symptoms. Some people believe CBD reduces their hyperactivity symptoms and helps them achieve a higher level of calm that enables superior relaxation and focus.

It’s also possible that CBD could improve your focus if you suffer from anxiety as well as ADHD. Many people with ADHD also have anxiety, and the anxiety can make it more difficult to focus on what’s happening. Since CBD is well-known in its ability to treat anxiety it can be used to reduce anxiety and potentially improve focus in that way.

Different Types of CBD

When considering CBD products there are different forms for consideration. Most CBD is sold as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolates. Most studies show the most effective results from full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products, and fewer effects are achieved when using CBD isolates. This is why most people recommend using full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products that include products from more of the hemp plant overall.

Along with different types of CBD, there are different forms to consider as well, these forms determine how you dose yourself and what effects a dose has on you.

The Best Form of CBD for ADHD Focus

There are a few different forms of CBD you can purchase as a medicinal supplement. Oral CBD is usually sold as a gummy or an oil, and both options are meant to be ingested. Topical CBD is sold as a cream and is meant to be rubbed on your skin. Topical products won’t lead to CBD entering your bloodstream, so you won’t get as many internal effects from a topical product.

Reduce Your ADHD Symptoms

If you’re looking to reduce your ADHD symptoms and achieve more psychological effects from CBD you should use oil or gummies. Some people prefer CBD oil because it’s easier to get a more precise dose. CBD gummies offer a superior flavor, but you will struggle to get more precise doses other than what is offered by consuming an entire gummy. If you want to be precise with your doses as you try to medicate yourself, oil is the superior option, but many people prefer taking gummies over oil, so the choice is yours.

Precautions and Guidelines for CBD

CBD is tolerated well by most people, but it can cause unwanted side effects and complications for some individuals. If you consume CBD you should be prepared for any of the following side-effects.

  • Dry Mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Interaction with blood thinners
  • Appetite reduction
  • Diarrhea or indigestion

Most of these symptoms are rare, but you should be aware of them if you consider beginning treatment with CBD. It’s also important to try CBD from different sources if you have issues with one supplier.

Higher-Quality CBD Compounds

Some companies offer higher-quality CBD compounds than others. If you get CBD from a non-reputable company you could be getting a product that’s less pure and that comes with more side-effects.

This is another thing to be aware of when starting with CBD, so read reviews closely before deciding which supplier to work with.


cbd for adhd


CBD is a powerful compound that offers many health benefits, but it isn’t a miracle cure for everything. If you suffer from ADHD, you may be able to find some relief by using CBD. Begin with a broad spectrum or full-spectrum CBD supplement, and start with 10 mg per day and work your way up adding 5 or 10 mg each day until you experience benefits. If you don’t feel any different by the time you’re taking 100 mg per day it isn’t likely to offer you any benefits for your ADHD and you should seek other solutions.

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